Improperly Built Claims

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Improperly Built Claims in Miami, FL

If you're building a property in Miami, FL, you expect the builders to have superior construction skills. Unfortunately, if the builder causes property damage, you may be able to seek damages. Attorney Michael Appel, PLC, has experience handling improperly built claims and express written warranties to ensure your builders meet all compliance standards and building codes.

We Can Help You Navigate the Legal Process of Handling Construction Defects

Florida law includes implied warranties for fitness that state new constructions are habitable for their intended purpose. If a contractor doesn't outline guarantees in the purchase contract, your improperly built claims attorney can draft an express written warranty for the contract. The warranty will establish your legal relationship with the property's builders and their promise to provide defect-free work and meet all contract requirements. If you have an improperly built claim in Miami, FL, call (786) 800-3491 for a consultation with Attorney Michael Appel, PLC.

Cracked foundation

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When you need a personal injury law firm in Miami, FL, that actively seeks compensation for you and your affected loved ones, turn to our personal injury law firm. Call (786) 800-3491 to book an appointment with Attorney Michael Appel, PLC.

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